Abiotic and Biotic!

Abiotic- Water temp, Humidity, Rocks, Air pressure , Amount of sunlight, some corals.

Biotic- Fish, Corals,Sharks, Turtles, Humans/Divers, Crabs, Octupus, Sea Spiders.

Carrying Capacity- largest number of individuals of one species that an environment can support. In any population the animals need, Food, Shelter, Water, and Space, to survive!!!The Coral Reef Environment is similar to lots of environments. Whenever a new fish reproduces or has an offspring it makes its colony increase which makes it harder to find more resources.

Limiting Facter's - There are several facters that limit ecosystem growth, including tempature, precipitation, sunlight, soil configuration, and soil nutrients.
There are many predators in the Coral Reef. When a Shark comes looking for bate/ fish, they have to find ways to sneek up on them and catch them. But if one day there were no fish anywhere, that becomes hard for the Sharks to find resouces for them to live.


The Consumers in A Coral Reef are Fish, Turtles, Zooplankton, Invertebrea Larva, Some Corals, Sea Urchins, And Crabs!!


Producers are vital to an ecosystem because, they take up/ consume a lot of energy.

Food Webs!!

I think a Food Web is more realistic by showing what eats what with the arrows. If I took away Clown Fish in my food web, it would make the shark population increase or decrease because they would have to find another resource.

Trophic Levels and Energy Pyramids.

This Energy Pyramid is easier to look at and see what's  going on in order by levels. Its easier too look at and read instead of a cylinder or cube.

TOP PREDATORS are Sharks, Dolphins, and Albatross. And the TOP  PRIMARY CONSUMERS are Phytoplankton, and Seaweed.


Chemical equation


What you need for Photosynthesis.

Light Energy, Carbon Dioxide, Water , and Oxygen.

Oxygen is produced by Photosynthesis, too help trees and too help animals, and humans breathe.

So photosynthesis takes place in the chloroplast.


A Tropism is the turning of all or a part of an organism in a particular direction in response to an external stimulus.

One Tropism is Coral. Coral can wrap around things like vines, they can connect in some way if you touch them.

The Second Tropism is Algae, it movies in the direction of light as radient energy, photosynthesis.

These Tropisms help the Coral Reef environment by, The Algae enabling fish to regenerative faculty of coralline algae to resist predation by herbivores. The Coral helps the environment by, protection fish, turtles, crabs and many other things from predators, they feed by reaching out with tentacles too get small fish to eat.

The Role Of Decomposers.

Decomposers would make all the coral and where the animals live dirty, and not clean and safe for the animals.

The decomposers help the Coral Reef by giving food to animals and making homes for them as well. They also break down Biological matter and waste products and convert them too usable energy.


The adaptations in The Coral Reef are Coral to help many small, and big fish go through tiny nooks, and crannies. Another adaptation is plants in the Coral Reef need sunlight to produce photosynthesis, they also create symbolic relationships with animals to survive.

The coral can have the same adaptations too keep the fish safe from predators. The plants on the other hand can have the same adaptations but it depends where their environment is. If the coral and one plant dies they would become decomposers for the other animals and plants or even food for some animals.

Natural Selection!!

Natural Selection- The process whereby organisms better adapted to their environment tend to survive and produce more offspring.

Natural Selection is important for organisms in an ecosystem because, well one thing is it can be misunderstood. Natural Selection mainly occurs through organisms in death rates. Natural Selection basically keeps all the organisms even by predators eating them and them reproducing.

Fish- fish are eaten everyday, but they also reproduce. But a whole lot of fish move to different places so they can be safe and find food for themselves. The population changed by many predators eating  the fish and or some of the fish won't reproduce. One fish is the Lionfish, they hide in small nooks and crannies. The Lionfish also have sharp poisonous spikes that some predators can't feed on them.

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