Wreck It Ralph

Hero's Journey

Joseph Campbell identified 16 mystic stages of adventures that are called"A Hero's Journey"  I will now apply these stages to Wreck It Ralph.

Home Culture: The protagonist has a "home" that they find familiar, or common to  most people in their culture. Wreck it Ralph's home is the dump outside of the nicelander's apartment.

Call to Adventure: A normal occurrence motivates the protagonist to acknowledge an unknown aspect of  his/her world, feel a restlessness with the constraints of his/her life, or find a new world that he/she is not aware of. Wreck it Ralph is determined to show that he can win a Medal like Felix.

Refusal of the call: The Hero tries to turn away from adventure due to the fear of the unknown, another character may express uncertainty and danger ahead. Wreck it Ralph goes "Turbo" and enters the game Hero's Duty.

Supernatural Aid: The Protagonist is guided into the unknown by a guarding character. Wreck it Ralph goes to Tapper for advice on how to earn a medal.

Crossing the First Threshold: The Protagonist walks alone, out of their comfort zone, and must overcome an obstacle before fully entering their dangerous journey. Wreck it Ralph enters Sugar Rush and loses his medal, which he must get back in order to complete his "mission."

Road of Trials: The Protagonist is found vulnerable and discovers a side of themselves that he did not know existed. Wreck it Ralph defends Vanellope and agrees to help her.

Meeting a Soul Mate: The Protagonist meets an ideal and sees the possibilities of his/her journey. Wreck it Ralph meets Vanellope and they team up to win the race.

Overcoming Temptation: Someone or something tries to ruin the journey itself. King Candy tries to ruin Ralph and Venellope's chances of winning the race.

Viewing the Whole Picture: The protagonist moves past the final terrors of change, now accepting what it takes to complete their mission. Wreck it Ralph trains Vanellope to race.

The Reward: The protagonist celebrates the treasure earned, but there is still fear of losing the reward. Wreck it Ralph accepts this medal from Vanellope, but there is still fear of loosing her friendship.

The Road back: The Protagonist brings home the treasure. Wreck it Ralph comes home with his medal after leaving Sugar Rush

The Ressurection : the Protagonist is tested once more, and the comflict is finally resolved. Wreck it Ralph realizes Vanellope's true role in the game, and helps heroverthrow King Candy.

The Return: The protagnist returns home, transformed. Wreck it Ralph helps Vanellope take her rightful place in her game, and he returns to his game as the good guy instead of the "bad guy." he has now gained the friendship of the other characters in his game.


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