The Gorilla Foundation

Koko The Gorilla


The Gorilla Foundation taught Koko how to use American Sign Lan (ASL). Koko's full name is Hanabi-Ko, which means "Fireworks Child". Hmmm... I wonder why they named her that. Koko learned how to read, create works of art, and make jokes. Koko has 3 wishes. 1. She wishes she had a baby of her own, or adopt. 2. Koko wishes when the Maui Preserve is a reality and her family can enjoy the additional space and the better climate. 3. Koko wishes that people would start caring about her species and take action before it is too late. On Koko' s 36th birthday she celebrates with a lot of healthy foods and presents. 97% of our DNA is identical to Koko's. Koko's eyes are dark brown and she weighs a whopping 280 pounds. Her favorite movie is "Free Willy" and her favorite toy is rubber alligators. Her favorite color is red and her favorite show is "Wild Kingdom". Her favorite book is "The Three Little Kittens".