Google Cardboard/VR

I chose to do the virtual reality experiment. It seems easy enough to do. Yet it still holds my interest. I wanna learn and see how it works and how it becomes a virtual reality. I've seen other people do the same project and be successful, so I want to see what they saw. I would like to learn how to put it together, piece by piece, and how it works. As for me doing it for a career, I have some ideas of what I will do for a living, and virtual reality is not one of them. Though it would be cool, I have my heart set on animals, singing, writing, and other hobbies I have.


What is virtual reality? - Virtual Reality is when you fool your eyes into seeing and thinking your somewhere else, with the help of technology

how do you make it? - cardboard, lenses, magnets, and a smartphone with the apps on it

how does it work? - you use lenses and a phone with the cardboard app on it along with a magnet on one side of the cardboard and a metal ring on the other, when you flick it down it registers it as a click

can you make your own kit? - Yes you can

Why do you have to change the image? - because if you only have one screen then it wont show up correctly mainly because there is two lenses

what devices does it work on? - Any device as long as it has around 5 inch screen

how do you get programs for using it? - You can download then on your app store

- my project is going to be how I put together and make a virtual reality work. I plan on buying my own kit and use it to figure out how it works.

Still Working

To figure out more about V.R., I decided to look up some videos to explain further into the product. The videos were very helpful. They had reactions of people looking at Google Cardboard. There was also videos that explained how it works or how it is put together. These will definitely help me answer some of the questions that have been floating around in my head. Buying my own kit will help me go further into the research.

Entry 4

I watched some videos. Also, I found out some useful information on how it works and how it is put together.

Playing Games

Played some virtual reality games today to see how it works. It works because there are two screens, one for each eye or glass. Therefore, it makes it feel like you are actually there. It gives you a wider range of view, and makes you feel like you are inside the game. There was a lot I learned today, and a lot more to learn.

Different Types of Headsets

weather it's the virtual reality cardboard headset or the Oculus Rift, it makes you feel like you are there. Virtual reality is when you have a head set and when you wear it, you are actually there. Like you're in a virtual reality... get it. The metal ring at the side sends a wave of magnetic power and the phone takes it as a click. Thats what i learned.

Learning More

While I was absent, I was watching more videos. Mainly Jacksepticeye, but I also finished the hour long conference about cardboard. They explained how it works and much more. I can't wait to watch more videos and learn more about it.  


Programming VR games is actually quite easy. It's like if you have a code for a regular game. To make it a VR game all you need to do is copy and past it because you need two on the same screen to work with the lenses to make you feel like you're actually there.

Basic Learning

I'm learning how to program your own google cardboard for virtual reality. It's pretty basic. I'm gonna try and learn more about it tomorrow. That's what I learned today.

Slow Motion

My project has gotten very slow lately. I know there is more to learn, but it seems like I can't find it. I'm gonna start watching some videos at home as well to see if I find anything new.

New Guy

I came across a new guy who does the same thing as Jacksepticeye, but doesn't swear as much. His youtube name is KSic Games. He kind of explains VR, but I just started watching his videos. I'm gonna have to watch more to see what else he says about it.

Back Again

I'm back to finding nothing. The new guy I found didn't really help much. Though, he did help a little. I'm stuck and I'm gonna have to find a way to move on and progress in my project. I'm still going strong and will not give in. Time to take my working to another level.


I've been of my game lately. Not to mention that I'm sick. While I was sick, though, I found out some more stuff. Like who invented the Oculus? Easy, Palmer Luckey. He has a video about the Oculus Rift so I watched it. It explained many things. I definitely think you should watch it.

KSic Games

This is me getting back into my game. I watched many of KSic Games's videos. That didn't help much, but he was very entertaining. If you're doing research and not looking for fun i do not recommend him. But if you're halfway decent, then watch his videos he is a very funny and enjoyable person.


I was watching Jacksepticeye's videos with the oculus rift today. He plays video games with it and sometimes explains what it's like to use it. He says " When you get scared and turn around, you aren't looking at the safety of your room. Your still in the game." And it gives me an idea of what it's like using the Oculus Rift.

Store Experiences

I was at the store and actually got to try an upgraded version of the cardboard. The Oculus. It is used with the new Samsung S6. My family may buy an Oculus because it was so cool. My family finally understands what I have been doing for my project these last couple of weeks.

Ending the Project

This project was very fun. I enjoyed it a lot. I also learned many valuable things about the google cardboard, Oculus Rift, and Virtual Reality. I may even continue this project after school is out. I know i'll still be watching videos, though. This was definitely the right project to do.   

Last Entry

I learned many things while doing my project. Like: What is VR? How does it work? And even how they program the games. It was very exciting. No, I do not wish I did another project. I liked what I did because it interests me. Even now. I had fun with my 20% project and can't wait to learn more about how it works. Also, I may even get an Oculus Rift. That's very exciting. I guess I'm done, but I did have fun and cant wait to do it again.

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2 years ago

DONE!!! FINALLY!!! I had fun, but I was getting tired of learning the same thing over and over again.