The Face on the Milk Carton

Janie Johnson, a typical 15 year old teenager's whole world is turned upside down one day at lunch. Laughing and talking with her friends, Janie looks down at her milk. What she sees changes her life forever . . . a picture. Her, Janie Johnson on the back of the milk cartoon. Janie begins to quetion everything she knows. Afraid to confront her "parents", she talks to to her high school crush, Reed. From that day forward, together, Janie and Reeve search for the truth. Janie or Jenny?

"For the hundredth time she checked both sides of her milk carton. It was still her."

"She remembered that the collar itched...remembered the fabric; it was summer fabric; the wind blew through it...remembered how those braids swung like red silk against her cheeks." Chapter 1, pg. 11

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