Agnostic Web Tools

Web Tools and Apps that work on any device

You find a great website to use in your MS class only to learn it does not work well on the iPad. Some of your US students have laptops, some have iPads and all the labs are booked. Frustrating...but there are quite a few tools that are agnostic- they don't believe in any one device.

Web Tools

Here are some web sites that work well on any devices web browser...

Collaboration Tools:

  • Padlet- (LS)- a great way for students to post their ideas, questions or leave comments. Sort of like a virtual board with sticky notes. Great to display on the Smartboard. In addition to words, students/teachers can share links and pictures.  Here is an example of how it can be used.
  • Tackk- (MS/US)- This is a Tackk! Students can leave comments, add video and pictures. Feel free to add to this one.
  • Today's Meet- (MS/US) Awesome back-channel tool for students and teachers to use in the classroom or even in a meeting. Create a way for students to ask questions or comment during a lecture, video, or just leave open for those students who are too shy to talk in class. Meets can be left open for one day, a week, a month. Students can join from home so you can keep the conversation going. If you sign up for an account, you have access to past meets.
  • eMaze- (MS/US) This web based presentation tool works on any device. Allows students to create a presentation and include various media (Audio, videos, images). Can upload PowerPoints to make them more interactive. If you have an Education account, students have the ability to collaborate (up to 5 at one time) on projects.

Creation Tools:

  • Google Drive- (MS/US) See me if you want to learn more about using Google Drive on iPad.
  • Magnetic Poetry- (ALL) Just like creating poems on your refrigerator. Students can save and share via email.  
  • Create a Graph- (LS) I used this site when I taught 3rd grade math. Happy to see that it works on the iPad. Students can easily create pie charts and bar graphs. Students determine the design and input the data. Graphs cannot be printed or saved to the iPad but graphs can be emailed to the student or teacher.
  • Whiteboard- (LS/MS)- A whiteboard that students can use on a laptop or an iPad. Students can invite others to work them and post a link to their creation. Features are basic, not as many as Educreations.
  • Random Name Generator- (Teacher Tool)- Randomly pick names with the handy tool.
  • Google Classroom- (Teacher Tool)- This is not an LMS but more of a way to manage your Google Drive. Click here to read about the recent updates to Google Classroom. You can even attach a rubric to student work.

Web Tools with an App

  • Edmodo (LS)- A great way for the younger students to communicate online in a safe setting Edmodo allows the teacher to create a class. This generates a code in which students can use to join the class. Students can take online quizzes, view and turn in assignments, watch videos and view websites that the teacher has posted. They can also write comments or questions. Teacher has control over what is posted.
  • Glogster- (ALL)- Many of you are familiar with Glogster, an online interactive poster generator. They recently came out with an app that is supposed to make it even easier to create a Glog. While Glogster is aimed at the Middle School crowd, I have been told that in the next 3-4 months, they will have products aimed at the Upper School/University setting. Posters are also printable and automatically come with QR codes to make for an interactive display. WE HAVE A SCHOOL ACCOUNT.
  • Educreations- (ALL)- Educreations is an interactive whiteboard tool that students and teachers can use to explain a concept. Insert and annotate maps, pictures, and other images. Educreations allows teachers to create classes and have students join classes. Recently, Educreations has upgraded the iPad app to include more features.
  • ThingLink- (MS/US) With ThingLink, you can upload an image and attach various media to that image. Can be shared with a link or embedded. Click here to learn everything you would ever want to know about using it in the classroom.
  • Animoto- (ALL)- Love this site for making quick videos. Students and teachers can upload pictures, create word (limited number of words) and add music to create short videos. Click here to apply for an educators account which give you additional features for free. Some ideas on using Animoto in the classroom: Create an About Me project, illustrate a poem, create a slideshow from a class trip, create a book trailer instead of a written book report.
  • Haiku Deck- (MS/US) Presentation tool. Students can create a presentation by uploading their own background images or searching the extenive library. Haiku Deck allows for a limited amount of text which might help students (and teachers) be concise. Watch the video below for more information.

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