Hero's Journey

Wreck it Ralph

Joesph Campbell, an american scholar, identified a pattern of narrative in The Hero's Journey. There are 12 stages to a Hero's Journey.

The Ordinary World- the audience feels sympathetic for The Hero. Ralph lives in a dump by himself and watches the NiceLanders live in a building altogether. They also exclude Ralph because they think he's a bad person.   

The Call To Adventure- The Hero feels external pressure and he must face the beginning of a change. Gene tells Ralph that he is a bad guy and will never win a medal.

Refusal Of The Call- Ralph goes out to Tappers seeking for advice. Tapper says not to go "Turbo" and tells him to check in the lost and found if there's a medal.

Meeting With The Mentor- Ralph doesn't find a medal and comes across Markowski, who unintentionally encourages Ralph to cross over. Ralph then takes Markowski's armor and goes to the game.

Crossing The Threshold- In this stage The Hero leaves the Ordinary World. Ralph leaves his game in search for a medal.

Tests, Allies, and Enemies- The Hero is tested and makes allies. Ralph meets Vanellope.

Approach- Ralph helps Vanellope reach her goal  by building a race car so that she can participate in the race. If she wins the race, Ralph will get his medal back.

The Ordeal- King Candy explains to Ralph that if Vanellope participates in the race the gamers will see her glitch and think the game is broken. This makes Ralph destroy her car and breaks her heart.

The Reward- King Candy gives Ralph back his medal because he knows that Ralph would tell Vanellope that she cannot race.

The Road Back- Meanwhile the cy bugs are destroying Sugar Rush, Ralph tries to get Vanellope out of the game. However, she cannot leave the game because she is a glitch.

The Resurrection- Ralph sacrifices his life trying to save Sugar Rush. He does this so the cy bugs will see the beacon of light and Vanellope will be safe.

Return With The Elixir- Ralph saves Sugar Rush and now has to leave. When he returns home Felix and the citizens finally accept him.

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