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May 19, 2015

End of the Semester Review

How did you spend graduation?

Well if you have Facebook, you know I spent it in a room, by myself, alone...with 400 diplomas. I found ways to pass the time.

But I tell you that to say this- I wanted to do a spectacular flipgram of all these wonderful graduation pictures, but only being there for part of the ceremony...Well, you get it. And thank to some of you (Joelle, Erin, Karen) for your pictures too that I stole off your Facebook. This flipagram isn't spectacular, but here's some pictures from graduation with cheesy music. Enjoy!

Videos and Such

Summer Opportunities for Learning

Google Classroom (duplicate training both days, just pick one) -May 26, May 27

Laying the Foundations (LTF) training- JCHS- June 1-4

MC 2- MCS Central Office- June 11-12

North Alabama Technology Conference (NATC)- Bessmer High School- June 18

ASCD- free webinars all summer (see link below)

Center for Learning- free webinars all summer (see link below)

As you attend trainings this summer, Don't Forget to Tweet


Pinterest is a wonderful source to find lessons, strategies, videos, etc as you plan for next year. I also keep boards on all the core subjects in addition to world languages, special education and much more! Check out my boards.

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