Chains Connecting to Alexander Wedderburns' Letter in the Beginning of the Revolutionary War

Meredith Rosheim


Laurie Halse Anderson chose the letter from Alexander Wedderburn to the King of England, “ Sir we have been too long deaf. We have too long shown our forbearance and longsuffering... Our thunders must go forth. America must be conquered.”  this chapter in Chains, because this is around the time when the mistress becomes extremely harsh to Isabelle. These two sources connect to the pictures because they both include harm to the other side. One example is when the mistress sells Ruth from Isabelle. This tells me that the mistress is done with the Isabelle and what she has done to disobey her. This connects to the letter, because she decides to show Isabelle how much she can destroy of her life, just like in the letter Wedderburn wants the King to send their troops to finish the rebels off. This connects to the picture because it shows the master beating the slave after they have disobeyed them. The second example is when the mistress threw a painting hitting Isabelle on the top of her head, making Isabelle try to run away, later saying that Isabelle hit her instead. Which she made Isabelle get branded. This connects to the primary source because Isabelle finally decides that she is done with the mistress, which is also what Wedderburn said about the rebels in his letter to the king. These different texts connected to the picture by showing what each side is going to do to the other if they don't listen to them. The reason why Laurie Halse Anderson chose the letter for her novel Chains is that the mistress and Isabelle has decided to make the other person’s life ruined to get what they want. The picture connects to these two sources because Wedderburn want the rebels to suffer and be destroyed, just like the mistress wants to beat the mind out of Isabelle and keep her thoughts to herself.

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