Remember These Points Before Choosing a Fine Granite Worktop!

There are many kinds of worktops available in your nearby markets. Still, many homeowners often find themselves in complex situations when it comes to buying the right worktop for their space. Among all the varieties of tops available, granite is the “most popular” choice for solid worktops and counter worktops as far as natural stone is considered.

The reason behind the popularity of granite worktops is its non- porous and durable nature (if maintained properly). It comes in vivid colours & colossal patterns and creates elegant appearance. One should always keep some considerations in mind while purchasing granite worktops:

  • One can find different kinds of granite. You must be careful while buying it:
  1. First choice granite is of top notch quality and comes in rarer colours or have patterns individual to that slab. You can easily find first choice granite worktops in Reading.
  2. Commercial quality granite has some defects like scratches or cracks. But an expert with proper tools can fixed them. It is believed that these are more durable as they contain fewer veins.
  3. Second choice granite worktops are cheapest and of poor quality. They may contain natural imperfections and blotches.
  • Buy granite worktops from genuine supplier. Every supplier will address their stone as the most authentic one, while in reality it may be not.
  • There is wide range of colours available in granite worktops. You should choose those which resemble your taste and suits your lifestyle.
  • I have both darker and lighter shades of granite tops installed in my home which complement each other beautifully.
  • Inconsistent thickness of the slab might cause difficulty during installation process. Thus, be careful about that.
  • Do check shine of the worktop. Bad quality granite slabs may have strange reflections when looked in sunlight. You can even ensure hardness of the slab by knocking upon it. You will hear either hollow sound or a sound as if it is heavily packed inside.
  • The granite worktops have some holes and joints. But, one should make sure that it has minor holes and fewer joints to ensure better strength and durability.

Get in touch with professionals. They will ensure quality product and installation for your granite slabs. Moreover, they will also give a perfect finesse to your slabs and offer a perfect fit.