How long would we be able to survive if the sun was blacked out?

By Carson Barton

If the sun were to be blacked out the temperature would be -100 º F by the end of one year.

The top layers of the ocean would freeze over but in apocalyptic irony that ice would insulate the deep water below and prevent the oceans from freezing solid for hundreds of thousands of years .

After millions of years our planet will be at a stable -400 º F. Humans could live in submarines but all animals would die. Humans also could live in nuclear - or geothermal - powered habitats in Iceland. If they didn't do these things they would most likely die from coldness and when your body temperature reaches 64.8 º F you have already experience symptoms that could cause death.

In Iceland 87% of the homes are heated with geothermal energy. The sun also keeps the planets in orbit and if the sun's mass were to disappear the planets would fly away like a ball swung on a string and then let go.

If the Sun suddenly disappeared the Earth has to too because if there was a bigger force than the sun to make it disappear it would have taken the the Earth with it because the Earth is weaker.

So the answer to the question is, you would die in 3/4 of a year if you didn't find shelter with geothermal energy or you would die instantly from the bigger force that blacked out the sun.


Apocalyptic- Devastation or ultimate doom

Irony- Incongruity between what might be expected and what actually occurs

Geothermal Energy- Energy derived from the heat in the interior of the earth

Nuclear Energy- The energy released by a nuclear reaction

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