Nervous System

The Nervous System functions your nerves and it helps you react to things quickly.

Poem #1

The nervous system is important indeed
It helps you do all the things that you need
The central nervous system is the part that is main
It includes the spinal cord and the brain
The peripheral nervous system is everywhere else
It contains reflex arcs to protect yourself
Neurons are nerve cells that transmit information                                                           And that is the nervous system in basic translation

Poem #2

The brain uses neurons to think,
To know, to remember, to drink,
Without them you'll find,
You'll be in a bind,
Your body will fail and sink.
A neuron was once in the rain,
It said "This is really a pain",
It said to its friend,
"This must really end",
So a message was sent to the brain.
The thalamus is a grand station,
It gives and receives information,
Gets messages here,
Sends messages there,
It's quite an important location.
The brain is important, that's true,
For all things a person will do,
From reading to writing,
To skiing to biting,
It makes up the person who's you.
It's a fortunate person whose brain
Is trained early, again and again,
And who continues to use it
To be sure not to lose it,                            So the brain, in old age, may not wane.

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