The Real Reason Waldo was Hiding

A secret so hidden that not even the artist knew

Believe it or not, Waldo was banned from Public and School libraries

Surprisingly, "Where's Waldo" has been one of the most challenged books in public libraries since its original publication in 1987. The series of children's books by Martin Hanford have been accused of showing topless women, Satanic imagery, and other hidden adult pictures. The books were banned all over the country during the 1990's.

Scandal at the Beach

In the "At the Beach scene in the original "Where's Waldo" book, there is a small picture of a sunbather with her breast partially exposed. See if you can find her!

Even if you did find her (she was in the upper right hand corner), the photo above is from a censored 1997 version of the book, with her sporting a top rather than not.

The Campground

In the campground scene, people have complained about the man in the blue-green tent towards the center of the page who appears to be naked. Again. in the photo above, it shows the censored 1997 edition of the original book. The children seem to have opened the mans tent while he was changing, but everything that shouldn't be shown in a children's book weren't, because his hand is covering it.

About the Book

"Where's Wally?", entitled "Where's Waldo?" in Canada and the United States, is a series of picture books featuring large, crowded scenes where you have to find Wally, a man in a red and white sweater and hat. The author , Martin Hanford is an expert at drawing crowded scenes.


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