Arabian Peninsula

By: Joesph Adams

The Arabian Peninsula Located in Southwest Asia   

The environments of the Arabian peninsula the dessert is very dried out and very rare when you find water the Oases mostly water some areas of big land the coastal Plain is very good for farming the mountains your house were made of mud bricks and you were always slanted.The tips of Adapting to the environment traders were always passing through the Nile river runs through north of Africa.The Dessert is the Most driest plain probably the worst place to live in my opinion because almost never survive if you leave the water resource also you also have many sand storms.The Oases rains weekly, Is were water is trapped under the ground the water seeps to the surface as a spring or a water whole lot of plant life particularly grass and shrubs.The Coastal Plain there is in between 540 miles inland, has really rocky cliffs the air is damp and moist and rain falls regularly. Several dry rivers.The Mountains your always going to be in a slant and your house had to be built out of mud bricks lot of moist winds from the Indian ocean It starts to hurt your head because of the pressure from going up higher.

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