Dominican Republic

By: Hailey Medlin & Rachel Foster

Above the shield is a blue banner that says ''Dios, Patria, Libertad'' which means ''God, Fatherland, Liberty ''  The flag was designed by Juan Pablo Duarte.  The blue stands for the clear blue skies of the land. Red stands for the noble and the blood shed displayed by the country men fighting for independence . The white cross is a symbol is a faith, honor, and pride.

The island of the Dominican Republic is a ideal get away spot. The climate is often called "endless summer" because of the warm and sunny conditions in all parts of the country. The winter months run from November to April. The humidity is low and it cools down in the evenings

Rice and beans are basically the backbone of every meal. The kidney beans are cooked in a pungent tomato sauce and comes with fried chicken or pork and salad. If you want something spicy try chivo picante or stewed goat it comes with rice, salad and tostones (fried plantian chips).

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