Jamal Edwards


Jamal Richard is 23 years old who was a amateur film-maker and turned media boss into £8m, and counts famous entrepreneur. He started his business at west London to a self made multimillionaire.

Jamal is the owner of SBTV and  he makes typical videos of rap and pop music, and puts them on you tube which he makes money from.

He shown good planing because he was organized and he took lots of risk to be successful and also he had unique ideas.

You can take away 7 things from the example Jamal has set that could help you become the person you want to be – they could even help you start your own business.

- Be free to make mistakes

- Take risks

- Be creative

- Learn as much as you can

- Do it for the enjoyment, not the money

- Look for new opportunities

- Always try your best

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