John Dalton

The story of John Dalton

john Dalton was born on September 6th, 1766.

Johns discovery was that an atom can not be created  nor destroyed. This was discovered in  england, September 6th 1803.

He studied gas and While studying gases he learned it wasn't that. It was a mechanical system composed of small individual particles applied by each gas pressure. Dalton was a president for Manchester and philosopher for a society. John wrote a paper relating to the vision of colors. He was the first human to discover blindness.

He also loved to measure the weather with his tools. In 1803 he published his gas law witch was referred by Daltons law. Basically what this law sais is the pressure is equal to the partial pressure towards every gas particle.  John Dalton was not married though. His scientific work began in 1787. Also he lived a simple life.


by: Zach Rawlinson and Dawson Peck.

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