The History Of Football

The safety and rules of football and how they have changed.

Football rules and safety has changed a lot since it first started and to now. It has changed by the gear and many other things!

NFl Health and Safety Time Line

2010's-modern cleats, and protection of defenseless player rules were added.

2000's-horse collar, and kicker protection rules were added.

1990's-2nd gen pads, plastic helmet with face mask grill, chop block, and throwing down a passer rule were added.

1980's-helmet hitting and qb protection rules were added.

1970's-plastic pads, plastic helmet, and side judge added.

1960's-AstroTurf ready shoes, fibershell and plastic pads, and goalpost offset.

1950's-padded plastic helmet with a single bar, and fibershell pads.

1940's-plastic helmet, hardened leather pads, back judge added, and chinstraps were added.

1930's-face mask invented, molded leather helmet, and foam padded pads.

1920's-felt wool and leather pads, hardened leather helmet, and field judge added.

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