four types of speeds

Constant speed

Constant speed is when the speed stays the same without it changing

Example: a fan when you cut it on you can put it at an constant speed

A hair dryer is like a fan because it goes the same speed and you can control it

Variable speed

Variable speed is when an object moves at a changing speed

Ex:when you bounce a ball and it go fast then slow down

Analogy: the ball is like a roller coaster cause it changes speed as it goes

average speed

Average speed is the overall speed

Ex:The car was going the same speed for a hour

My average in math and my average in speed is the same because they both is the average of something altogether


An instantaneous is when a object is constantly changing

ex: the speed of the car was changing 50 to 60 to 70

analogy: a mood ring is the same as a car cause it changes every time something happen