atmosphere-Them koang

The atmosphere is the most important thing on earth its are shield it protecs us and help us we have water air and food cause of the atmosphere


The farthest layer from the earth it makes the northern lights it the hottest layerin all the layer it has the lowest presure it protects from metor right and coments


this layer is diffrent from the others when you enter this layer it gets colder its the middle layerprotects from metors


gets warmer as you go higher ozone layer takes in heat from the sun it second layer in the atmosphere


weather occurs here gets colder as you go up contains 90% of mass we live here this is were all life form is

The sun

The sun is the hottest thin in are solar system it blows off flares that make the northern lights it provides heat and light with out it it would be to cold to live and it would be dark

The moon

it are neighbor it give us darkness and tells us when to go to bed its small but takes 6 months to get to it apalo 11,12,14,15,16 and 17 all landedd on the moon

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