one million pennies             15/10/14
by Mark lundin

This project is about how long a stack of one million pennies is.  I will try to figure out how long the stack of one million pennies is.

My guess of the million pennies is 1000 meter because  the stack is really big of height and I think that one penny is 1 mm.

The approximate measure of a million pennies is 270000 cm, I did this calculation by multiplying 100,000 by 2.7 that equals about 270,000 cm. In meters the calculation is around 2700 meters . The length of the 10 pennies is around 2 cm. that means it is 2,000,000 cm and that is 20,000 meters . That means that 20,000 meters is 200km.

My object was a paper clipper it's size is 4 cm and 4.2 cm. If you multiply the number by one million i have got 4,000,000 cm that is 40,000 m that is 40 km. The second one is about 420,000 cm and that is  4,200 meters and that is 4.2 kilometers.

Now i have found two objects that I needed to multiply by one million. Both were over one kilometer but i was  surprised that 1 million pennies were such a long distance and i thought one million pennies would be around 10 meter.  

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