4th Period:  Amari B, Lakaia B, Lanyae F, Crystal J.

Our Neighborhood/Community

Neighborhood Struggle

This photo was taken on Madison and Kenton Avenue. In Chicago, IL on September 24th. It gives and shows a description of our neighborhood struggle with vacant lots filled with trash where buildings could be.

Walking to School: Every morning walking down the 400 block of Central Park you'll notice up to 2-5 or 3-5 African Americans on a corner selling drugs in front of this old church.

Walk To School:When your almost to Al Raby High School, you'll know when you're close because you'll see this huge abandoned building with the bullet holes in the boarded up windows and graffiti on the building. On the 500 block of Central Park.


A garage on Jackson and Leavitt. A car crashed into the side of the garage and no one decided it. Until a group of gang members decided to use it as a house to distribute illegal substances. Abandoned building I my neighborhood turn into gang and drug use because the city doesn't want to take them down or rebuild them

Reporting Big News

On the west side of Chicago on Harrison and St. Louis there was a huge fire at the ice on September 25, 2014. Before going live Julie Unruh is getting her thought together to report one of the biggest fires that has happened in Chicago.


In the streets of Chicago our neighborhood itself is a struggle. Everyday kids and students lose sight of what’s most important because they lack the support and drive to make something of themselves. Students become careless everyday and either drop out of school completely or go to an alternate school where they are not forced to apply themselves. Teenagers a lot of times make decisions based off taking the easy way out, not realizing that it will only hurt them in the future.

While on the other hand, there are students who do apply themselves because they know and understand the importance of an education. For example, throughout these photos you will see students going to school, students doing homework on the bus, students conversing in the cafeteria, students going through their school metal detector, and a student applying to college. These are the students who have strong belief in making a positive influence on life.

Education 1st

This is a photo of Al Raby High School students walking into their school at 7:55am on a Monday morning,and city year promoting energy to loosen them up. First period starts at 7:55 am.

College is the next step

It is now my senior year of high school so a lot of my days consist of College Fairs and scholarship applications. In fact this was taken at a college fair held at Navy Pier the afternoon of this passing Saturday.

Productive Youth

This photo was taken Wednesday after school on my way to a job interview out south. I stepped onto the green line right by the two young boys and watched them as they got items out of their book bag to start working .There aren't many children who do those type a things but being that they did it touched my heart.

Entering School: If you come to school later than 7:45 am, The student entrance at Al Raby High School will be so packed and will be moving so slow.It''ll make you later to class waiting on students to go through the metal detector because you will have to wait your turn to put your book bag through the machine.

Lunchroom Action: The lunchroom of Al Raby High School is on the first floor.It could be so fun at times, especially when they let us play music in the lunchroom; some students get up to dance and some students just continue to play cards,sit down,talk, and play or eat.

No Place like Home

This is a photo of my bedroom at home in Berkeley, Illinois. Taken at 12.45 PM on the night of September 27th, I spend most of my time here after school, doing my homework for hours. Afterwards I am so exhausted that I fall out here.

Church Home

This photo was taken on a Sunday after the 11:00 am church service at First Baptist Congregational Church.The church anniversary had previously passed and there were a few refreshments along with this sculptor of the church downstairs from the sanctuary..


As a sibling and a mother, Family is everything especially a support system. They're always there for you when you need them. Most families motivate you to do your best and never give up knowing you have people counting on you, and looking up to you. Giving up is never an option when you have someone calling you "MOMMY" or siblings looking up to you as a role model.

Mother & Daughter Moments:My Saturday mornings are usually at Franklin Park Gym with my daughter for basketball practice. Most of the time practice starts later than usual so i play with her for a little while before practice begins.

Dr.Appointment: This is my daughter, La'Kayla at her 9 month doctor appointment for her check up and shots. On Laramie and Chicago Avenue at Dr.Yao. She always has fun in the waiting room even when she's just sitting down she still enjoys playing by herself, laughing and she's always goofy before its time to get her shots.

La Familia: On every Sunday I have an off day from work and I'm more available to spend time with my family at home, In my room watching TV. I enjoy every moment with these two special people. Then I cook Sunday dinner for the whole house.

After School Activities

Children join after school programs because it helps them stay out of trouble. These programs help them build their communication skills and gives them opportunities to interact with possible future friends. For me joining any program within school has proven to start a long friendship with others you never thought of having. Throughout these pictures you will see a cheer-leading/dance team and a after school program that teens or children can join.

Cheer-leading Practice

The cheerleading team at Al Raby High School are prepping for the upcoming prep rally. Al Raby’s team is both cheerleading and pom pom. Being on the team is great because you have a group of girls who are always cheerful and just want to have fun.

Anti Violence Forum

South Shore High School opened their doors to help support decrease the violence rates in the Chicago area. Many organizations across the city came to let teens, that showed up, know that there are organizations available for them and they can sign up any time. My organization, Girls in the Game, was part of this. Being in an organization can help reduce a lot of violence in the streets. Most violence happens because people have time on their hands and they have nothing productive to do with it. Two teens are trying to recruit young ladies to join the “Girls in the Game” organization. Having things to do every day that’s positive will make others have less time to do negative things with their time.

Lakaia English B

I'am a teen mother.i'am a mother that takes care of her responsibility. i play basketball. i'am a A,B Honor Roll student. I never give up. I always try my hardest. I want the best for La'Kayla. I will be attending a 4 yr university with my daughter with me. I'am ambitious. I'am important. I have goals and i will achieve my goals. -Lakaia Britton

Living In Chicago

I live in a world where kids aren't kids anymore and it’s every person for themselves. Everyday my neighborhood get worse; black on black crimes, innocent youth losing their lives, and teens losing sight of what’s most important. In my life, nothing is perfect but I am content. Not content with the harm, danger or sorrow of my neighborhood but content with myself. As a teen I am obligated to go to school so I go everyday and apply myself. I apply myself because I want to make a mark on this earth, just as well as move my family away from this neighborhood and the only way I know how is through an education. I feel good about myself because as a person I am good at heart, I’m intelligent, ambitious, I’ve made a positive impact on my peers, I've even inspired adults and other teens along the way. My abilities and unique qualities are what people admire the most about me. I know that I’m made for greatness, and I truly believe that I’m what will light this community in a few years with such great support to reach my goals.

                                                                                      By Amari Barrett