Important Egyptian Features

Maggie and Jess

The map above shows Egypt's many features.  However, not all of the features are important for survival.

The Nile River was one of the most important features of Egypt.  It was the source of life for them.  It was used to gather water, irrigate crops, and for water supply.  Without the Nile River the Egyptians would not have survived.

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Even though the deserts didn't help the Egyptians, it did affect their lives.  Because of the deserts, water supply was often very low.  But, the chance of being attacked was slim because of the length of the desert.

The Taurus mountains keep the land from flooding. They do that since there are so many rivers and seas it blocks the flowing water.

Since Egypt has so many important features it was hard to just chooses a few.  But the ones that we chose, we felt were the most important.

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