The 8 habits

Bailey Davis

A habit is something you can't stop doing.  The 8 habits are: be proactive, begin with the end in mind, think win-win, synergize, sharpen the saw, and put 1 things 1.  These are all very good habits.  You should practice all of these habits.  The purpose of  the portfolio is to demonstrate our knowledge of the 7 habits.  I would like to change synergize to always try your best.  I think thats better.  Whatever happens you always need to try your best.

Habit 1-Be proactive

I think be proactive is to not respond when bad things happen to do something better.

Habit 2-Begin with the end in mind.  One time i did my homework first then went and watched tv.

I want my teachers to remember that i was smart.  I also want them to remember that i i was nice and respectful.

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