Small Talk in My Room

Last Saturday, we talked a lot about this and that while drinking some beer in my somber dorm room like a jail. Much of our talking was about the time when we were in the army. Since Hyungwoo and I were aircraft mechanics in the air force, there were many common episodes or experiences that we could recall.

And, he told me about a life here and English as predecessor arriving here 3 months ahead of us. Especially, some information about home-stay he gave me will help me decide on my new residence in one or two months. I have not decided yet whether I should look for a home-stay, or live in the current dormitory until September.

By the way, Yesterday was the last day for NWOSSSA leadership conference. High school students will move out of residence here. At last, I am going to be free from the tremendous noises they make night and day. Being quite and considerate in a public place are also an important virtue of leadership. They didn't show such virtues at all.