children would lose arms an legs,would get beat if late,worked multiple hours and treated with no respect. wealthy people bought out small farms and those farmers were forced to move to cities (urbanization) leading to industrial revolution.Manchester, as an example, experienced a six-times increase in its population between 1771 and 1831.

The hard Lyfe + Living conditions during Europe'S Idust. Revolution

During those long hours of labor could you be punctual; how did you awake? — I seldom did awake spontaneously; I was most generally awoke or lifted out of bed, sometimes asleep, by my parents.

Were you always in time? — No.

What was the consequence if you had been too late? — I was most commonly beaten.

Severely? — Very severely, I thought.

In those mills is chastisement towards the latter part of the day going on perpetually? — Perpetually.

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