A world and life full of webs

Brief History

This culture came from the land Spider-Mania, close to the Atlantic ocean. It was founded by spider-man, and named after him. this land was founded on July 27, 2012. He founded this land by being kicked out of New jersey, having to do a living were he was. This way, he did everything his way and created spider-mania.


Education in Spider-Mania is just a big joke, and kids favorite. The usual is that the kids go to school late, and don't get in trouble. They fall asleep in class, and don't get in trouble. Don't turn in home-works and don't get in trouble for that either.But the best of it's education is that homework is so easy that they can even do it hanging on there rooms from their spider webs. But everyone is required


The language spoken here is sarcasm . Everything everyone says has always sarcasm. But when we write it is a little different, we aren't usually sarcastic, we are usually lazy and not write just draw. That's how we express what we want to say to someone. It actually does have a significance to the overall culture. It does because the sarcasm was brought from NJ when our founder was kicked out, and the habit of just drawing was made by our founder because he really didn't know how to write so he just drew.


The food in Spider-Mania is very simple, fast, but most important delicious. The food is usually fast food, but in our culture that is the healthiest thing you can eat. It consists of a lot of pizzas, hot dogs, fried chicken, e.t.c... It is also a common thing that no one is use to sharing food. What ever they get, is just for themselves. Even though there is those persons who we respect that just don't like to eat that and they eat there own food. Here in Spider-Mania we get people from all over the world and we respect them as they are, even though most of them become spider-maniacs after a while like any of us!!

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