Phelan Residence Hall (Co-ed)
-Dedicated to James Phelan October 1955
-First Resident Hall at USF
-Originally had Student Dining Room, which is now Conference Rooms for Mclaren Center.
-First/Second Year Student Hall
-Seven Stories; located in Center of USF Main Campus

Gillson Residence Hall (Co-ed)
-Built in 1965
-Named After George Gillson
-First Year Students Residence Hall
-Went through Several Innovations
-Also Home to Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Hayes Healy Residence Hall (Co-ed)
-Built in 1966
-Originally Female-Only Hall
-First Year Student Residence Hall
-Became Co-ed in 2003
-Memorial of John and Ramona Hayes-Healy's parents.
-Located on Main Campus
-Claims to Have Great View of Downtown SF?

Fulton House (Single-sex residence)
-Bought by USF in the 1970's
-For Students under 21 with less than 60 accumulative units
-Located behind Phelan and connected to Malloy Hall (Fulton St, near Clayton)
-Singles, Doubles, Triples available (fit for 12 people)

Lone Mountain Residence Hall (Co-ed)
-Structure Completed in 1932
-Originally San Francisco College for Women
-Became co-educational in 1969 and Changed Name to Lone Mountain College
-Closed and Purchased by USF in 1978
-Second Year Student Hall
-Located on Northern Side of Lone Mountain Campus

Loyola Village Residence Hall (students 21+)
-Opened in 2002
-Originally residence for staff and faculty; due to lack of demand, became student residence
-136 Units
-Apartment Style Living
-Located North Side of Lone Mountain

Loyola House (USF Jesuit Community Residence)
-Moved from Xavier Hall in 1999 to Lone Mountain
-Named After Saint Ignacius of Loyola--founder of the Jesuits
-Residence of 24 Jesuit members working at USF and Guests.
-Great View of the City and the SF Bay

Pedro Arrupe Residence Hall (Co-ed)
-Leased to USF in 2000
-Named after Fr. Pedro Arrupe--Former Superior General of the Society of Jesus
-Originally Residence for Nurses of the Old French Hospital
-Located One Mile from USF (6th Avenue)
-Provides Experience of Living in Traditional Resident Hall OFF campus

Fromm Residence Hall (Female-Only)
-Constructed in 1959 for Jesuit Residence on USF
-Originally known as Xavier Hall, named after Saint. Francis Xavier
-Both First Year Students and Upperclassmen Hall
-Renamed in 2003 as Alfred and Hanna Fromm Lifelong Learning Center
-Renovated in 2003
-Houses the Fromm Institute of Lifelong Learning, X Arts and Fromm Residence
-Located on Main Campus

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