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Ms. Sissi Yan

Ms. Yan is a beloved Mandarin teacher at the DRS Yeshiva High School for Boys. This year, Ms. Yan is teaching a blended learning course- every student has received an iPad equipped with the Rosetta Stone software. Ms. Yan fuses her lessons with the Rosetta stone material. Although still in its early stages, so far this has been a true success!

Below is an interview that Rabbi Fleksher conducted with Ms. Yan:

RF: Hi Ms. Yan, "ni hao?" Did I say that right?

SY: Yes, you did! You are doing great!

RF: What is your favorite Chinese food to make?

SY: Fried tomatoes and eggs.

RF: Sounds delicious. I thought Chinese food was General Tsos. Can you please tell me about your experience so far of having iPads in the classroom. How have you been using them?

SY: The students can use them in the class to take notes, take pictures off the Chinese characters and illustrations, go to Rosetta stone, or play the Mandarin learning game.

RF: How do you think that iPads have changed your class? How does it help students learn a foreign language?

SY: It makes the class more fun and more intuitive. They can browse different content and levels on Rosetta Stone depending on their needs and where they feel they need some practice. They can also check the dictionary any time when they see a word they don't know or use Google Translate to see the translation and hear the correct pronunciation.

RF: That sounds amazing! One last question- What are some challenges of using the iPad in your class?

SY: The biggest challenge is the games- some students are attracted (and distracted) by the games too much!

RF: Thank you so much Ms. Yan, for all your hard work and dedication! Xiexie! Boy that one is hard to pronounce...

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