FLEP Show and Share


Goals of FLEP:

From the National Standards for Foreign Language Education

  • Communicate in Languages Other Than English
  • Gain Knowledge and Understanding of Other Cultures
  • Connect with Other Disciplines and Acquire Information
  • Develop Insight into the Nature of Language and Culture
  • Participate in Multilingual Communities at Home and Around the World


All students will grow one grade level or more during the course of the school year academically.

Provide rich science experiences and targeted instruction in Spanish  and scaffold with the English language when necessary.

Start with scaffolding  Spanish language visually (visual literacy) and auditorily with supported by the knowledge  of the language acquisition process.

Language Acquisition

Primary focus is  growing students academically-FLEP is enrichment-Creek offers 3 layers of 2nd language learning. 


Meet the TEAM

Abreu  * Gammon
*Martinez *   Mays - Castillo * Duhon * Arriazola * Smith
Next year
Clason, Shamma, Stromme, Schwertner, Guiterrez

FLEP in progress

K,1, 2 &3

What do our students think about FLEP?

Teacher meeting time-Gallery Walk

Sneak preview into 4th grade(teaching theater)

Questions in library