Sleep! Most of us need more of it.

When you don't get enough sleep, it makes you more irritable and more forgetful.

There is a correlation between people getting less than average amounts of sleep and various illnesses.

The best thing that students can do, is to get a good night's sleep before an exam or test!

But, that can be really tough, because you're worrying.

One of my favourite books for explaining how the brain works, including why we need sleep, and how stress can affect our sleep, is John Medina's Brain Rules.

The website for the book has very funny videos about everything from Sleep to Memory.

I embedded some selections from the video below. You can hear about sleep at 11 mins 52 seconds.

His Brain rule #7: Sleep Well, Think Well

While you sleep, your brain processes all of the information that you took in during the day.

For the sleeping brain infographic, click below:

Every other website seems to have advice for people (it's always a lot in surveys) who don't get enough sleep.

Here's a very cute webpage at a British online shop, offering advice in 7 steps to a better night's sleep.

Another HuffPost article lists the effects of loss of sleep as: more hungry, more emotional, more forgetful and unfocused, take longer to get over a cold, more clumsy (break and drop stuff) & reduced sex-drive!

All good reasons to get more sleep.

What stops people from sleeping?

Curse of the glowing blue light

The increased number of electronics around us is one cause.

My kids sleep with their iPhones - they use them as alarms.

In addition to glowing screens, blue light has been shown to affect sleep quality.

There are glasses that you can wear at night, to cut out this light.

Worry stops people from sleeping

One good idea is to write down things that are bothering you on a notepad, before you set your alarm and go to sleep.

Research into the benefits of yoga & meditation for stress relief is ongoing

How much sleep do people need?

There's been tons of research on this.

This online article gives some guidelines.

Most importantly, it says to make sleep a priority.

Animals can be sleep-deprived, too

If worst comes to worst: take a nap!

Please feel free to add in your tips & tricks and weblinks to sleep resources, below.

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