Flipora - Recommending Individualized Web Content

A personalized content recommendation app, Flipora points Internet users toward content that reflects their social connections and interests. Flipora employs an innovative machine-learning algorithm, which has thousands of interest categories defined. The Flipora system accurately presents recommendations and provides users with a way of following topics and interacting with others with similar interests. Content upvoted by Flipora users is automatically promoted among followers.

In a recent article in Entrepreneur magazine, Flipora was described as being “astonishingly accurate at predicting the content I’ll click on and want to share.” The article also detailed the social aspect of the Flipora app, which allowed the writer to follow well-known people and check what others were reading. Flipora is available for download as both an iOS app and an Android app. The app connects seamlessly with existing Twitter and Facebook accounts. The startup company was founded by Vijay Krishnan and Jonathan Siddharth, who are associated with Stanford University, and has raised significant funding from Venture Capital firms that have backed billion dollar companies like Skype and Baidu in the past.