Ms. Lowe's Newsletter

Friday, April 25th 2014

It has been yet another terrific job on this week's round of MAP testing! We were also able to redeem all 11 of our taco dollars this week!! Classes are awarded taco dollars from the cafeteria staff based on excellent lunch room behavior! Each taco dollar represents an extra minute of recess!

Specials Calendar

Monday, April 28th-  Day 2- LMC
Tuesday, April 29th-  Day 3- Music
Wednesday, April 30th-  Day 4- PE
Thursday, May 1st-  Day 1- Art
Friday, May 2nd- Day 2- LMC


This week we finished our math MAP testing.  Our class did an incredible job of working on our MAP test this week. On Monday we were able to play a math concepts review game. This featured converting units of measure, differences between bar and line graphs and many other familiar concepts.


We kicked off our unit on writing argumentative letters this week! The students personally received a letter from Mrs. Slaughter asking them whether we should ban chocolate milk from our school's cafeteria. Many schools around the country are dealing with this dilemma which gave us the opportunity to pull articles supporting both sides of the argument.

We also looked at various texts to show how writers depict the main idea in different styles. We looked at texts with cause and effect situations, sequential writing as well as other main idea concepts. We then began to read a sample of an old classic, Old Yeller.


Our efforts concentrated on reviewing and preparing for our upcoming MAP test. This is a new area for our 5th graders, so feel free to send them with an encouraging letter of support next week!

We reviewed concepts ranging from food chains, weathering, erosion, circuits, the water cycle and plant parts.

Social Studies

Our class timeline has finally approached the Civil War! We learned about the attack on Fort Sumter off the coast of South Carolina. We then looked at life for a solider during the Civil War. What did they eat? Why would they join the war? How was the motivation for a Union solider different from that of the Confederate solider?  We also looked at popular newspapers from the era to see how influential pictures were to the families back home.

Weekly Events

Below is a button that will take you directly to the Liberty Oaks PTA Calendar.

Wednesday, April 30th- Cici's night

Friday, May 2nd- "School Lunch Hero Day" This is a day to honor everything our cafeteria staff does for us on a daily basis.

Also don't forget about our upcoming field trip to Radical Challenge, MAY 13th. You child will bring home a permission slip to be turned in as early as possible. If you are interested in becoming one of our parent volunteers send me an e-mail and I will send the additional paper home with your student.