The Moon's Importance

The Moon's Importance, Thayer 11/14/13


The moon's importance helps the animals keep their habitat. The moon also helps the earth tell weather it is day or night when you don't have a moon then you would think that there is no night just day. The moon is very important when it comes to gravitational pull. If we didn't have gravitational pull then we would float off in space and we wouldn't have any air.

Eclipses, moon phases, tides

The reason we have eclipses, moon phases, and tides is because of the moon and gravitational pull.

Moon's phases and why they affect earth

The phases help us know the kind of season it is and the day and night. It affects earth when we don't see the moon it messes us up because we don't know what time of day it is.

Tides and why they occur

A tide is something that happens by the motion of moon's gravitational pull. Tides occur to tell us where the moon is and how they are effective to us.

The eclipses and why they occur

Eclipses are the things that tell us time of season it is. They occur because if they didn't then we wouldn't have any clue of what time of year it is.

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