Floraltrims Offers an Extensive Collection of Artificial Butterflies and Birds

This press release informs the readers that Floraltrims offers an extensive collection of artificial butterflies and birds.

Colorful artificial butterflies and birds are a great way to add some visual interest to any occasion or celebration. These items can be used even for increasing the beauty of homes, craft projects and even work spaces. Also, modern interior designers and wedding organizers are increasingly using these cute items to add appeal to interiors and for events. Yellow butterflies and yellow birds are perfect for displaying the jubilant mood of any party. Likewise, these items can be used in all brilliant colors like green, blue and pink to represent the mood of an occasion. Beside parties and weddings, they may also be used during Christmas, New Year, Fall Celebrations and so on.

Floraltrims has an excellent collection of artificial butterflies, bugs, and a huge range of birds - doves, parrots, hummingbirds, fays, mini pastel birds, woodpeckers and cardinals are some of them. Some popular items sold by the website are glittering butterflies, jeweled butterflies, yellow butterfly, Alan the Soft Red Cardinal and multicolored feathered parrots. They also have a wide collection of artificial bugs, bats, bird nests, bird eggs, mushrooms, frogs and turtles. Children love to play with them, and they can also be used for science projects at school. For conveniently hanging the butterflies and birds on a thin wire, metal clips, each of size 1 1/2 inch, are sold at the website. Also, the butterflies are also sold in the form of garlands that can just be hanged at weddings. The website offers free shipping on orders above $99, and they provide excellent customer support through their toll free number 1-800-589-1199 through which customers can get help in case the delivery of the ordered items gets delayed.

About Floraltrims

Floraltrims is an online retailer of artificial butterflies, feathered birds, jeweled butterflies, paper butterflies, nylon butterflies, bugs, mushrooms and so on in different colors, sizes and shapes at affordable prices. All items can be purchased online through their website by using any major debit or credit card. At Floraltrims Inc., the designers are on constant lookout for the emerging trends in artificial decorative items. Each of their item is hand crafted by capable artists who pay attention to the tiniest details. Also, they ship the products to any part of the world. For further details visit http://www.floraltrims.com

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