Flowers For Steve

A proposal for a community-funded anthology. Lets set the record straight.

The only problem with the professionals who are telling Steve's story is they just have no taste. And I don't mean that in a small way.

In the original greek, anthology means "a collection of flowers". Anthologies are to poetry what albums are to music, and what I find most lacking in the popular understanding of Steve's life is the poets touch.

Rather than criticize Isaacson, Kutcher or Sorkin for their inevitable failings, I'd rather work with other members of the community to create, well, a community garden.

I recently reread John Siracusa's touching remembrance and was struck by how similar his story was to my own. The dates and details are different, but the song was the same.

More importantly, that short piece, written by a true amateur excels where Isaacson's professional & incurious bio failed: capturing the essence of greatness. The spark, if you will, that cast off from one fire spread to ignite passion and wonder wherever it landed.

We all know the good stuff. Its sitting out there, but its scattered and in danger of being confused. It would be a true shame if the single most cohesive and powerful artistic & creative community the world has ever seen fails to tell the story of its singular hero, and most importantly, explain WHY.

We do more difficult things every day. So why don't we put together a kickstarter, choose a few editors, and do the hard work of wrangling truth and beauty into a simple book?

If you think this is a good idea, please get in touch with me on twitter @bamurphymac.

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