looking back and looking foward

                                                            Looking Back

Dear Daddy,

           Thank you for sending me to a special Catholic school which is St.Clare. And I know that mommy wanted me to go to a catholic school because she went to one. And it taught her discipline and that it was a good environment , so thats why you told me you sent me to a Catholic school. At the time when I was not yet in preschool my mom died on 9/11, which was a very tough time for you and many others. So, The government promised anyone who lost a victim on 9/11 would get a free education, so that was another reason you sent me to a Catholic school.

           You sending me to St.Clare changed my life I have the best friends you can ever have and teachers with so many memories. And I don't know if i would have done Robotics if you sent me to a different school because I think Robotics is going to be my main career goal. You sending me to St.Clare got me a great education and great friends. So I thank you for sending me to St.Clare School because it have changed my life and many others.

             Next year will be an adventure travling to Broklyn and trying new things.Going to Xaverian will make me acomplish what I want . And i will be learning about Architecture , programing , Engineering and many more things.And if you never have had sent me to St.Clare School I might not have been going to Xaverian High School.


Vincenzo Scibetta


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