All about Cheetahs

Ms. Ross  and Mr. Davis

Did you know...

Cheetahs are natives to the grasslands of Africa.  They are from the terrestrial habitat.  

Cheetahs are the fastest animals running 45-70, sometimes 80 miles per hour.

Cheetahs are slim, muscular and run fast.  These are the features that help them survive in their habitat, because it defends them from being caught and killed by other big cats and animals in that environment.  Also, the grassland accommodates their hunting and enables them to catch prey to eat and stay alive easier.

A cheetah could not survive in a aquatic (water) or aerial (air) habitat.  Cheetahs can go without water for days and do not need to live in water to survive, also Cheetahs do not have wings and can not live in the aerial environment.