By: Joe Hurowitz & Terrae McCann

Five Part Definition

Fluorite is a well-known mineral, "and it naturally occurs in all colors of the spectrum." This mineral is one of the most unique of them all, coming in many shades and variations of colors. Fluorite is created as a solid-homogeneous figure. This mineral is inorganic, which means it is not a living element. It also has a definite chemical composition. This mineral is made up of the same materials throughout. The crystalline structure of the mineral fluorite "cubic."

Steps of Idefication of a Mineral

Color is the exterior identifier of the mineral. You can find the color of the mineral by simply look at it, the color of fluorite occurs in all colors. Luster is the way the mineral reflects light. You can find this by shining light over the mineral, the luster is vitreous/sub-metallic (glassy). Streak is the color of a mineral in powdered form. You can find this by rubbing the mineral on a streak plate, fluorite streaks white. Cleavage is the way it breaks. You can find the cleavage by breaking it on a flat surface, this minerals has cleavage in only 1 direction on all sides. Hardness is the minerals resistance to being scratched. You use the Moh's Hardness scale to find this, this mineral is ranked a 4 on the hardness scale. Density is the measure of amount of matter in a given amount of space. To find this you get the mass and divide it by the volume, fluorite's density can range from 3.0-3.3. Diaphaneity is the ability to see through a mineral. If you can see completely through it it is transparent for example fluorite.

Special Property: Fluorescence

Not all minerals have special properties. Fluorite is unlike other minerals, because it has a special property. This just means if you put this mineral under a ultraviolet light it will glow.


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