The pronghorn is a mammal
The pronghorn can live up to 11 years old
The pronghorn only eats plants (herbivore)
The pronghorn lives in western and central North America.
The pronghorn also lives in southwestern Canada and Mexico

      Pronghorn ecosystem

The pronghorns ecosystem is in the desert. Like the photo above. The rapid process in a dessert could be a sand storm because the desert doesn't get much water and if it gets windy the sand in the desert could be blown to create a sand storm.

These are some animals that live in the desert with the pronghorn. The animals are a meerkat, jack rabbit, fennec fox, kangaroo rat, and a spotted hyena's.

Diet: Pronghorns are herbivores which means they do not eat meat they only eat plants. The type of plants they eat are grass, shrubs, cacti, sagebrush and vegetarian  plants.

Prong horns food

Cool videos of pronghorn type animal(s) jumping over fences

One of the pronghorns predators are....
many other animals

Here are some of the pictures of the desert the pronghorns Eco system

The latin name of a pronghorn antelope is Antilocapra Americana
They have great eyesight, they can pick up movement from 3 miles away
Males are called bucks, females are called does, and babies are called fawns
Fawns weigh 2-4 kg at birth (5-9 pounds)
Pronghorns are not leapers, If there was a fence, they wouldn’t jump over it, they would most likely climb under it.
The pronghorn is the second fastest mammal in the world. The first fastest is the cheetah.

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