Be It Any Place, Don’t Forget To Get Travel Insurance!

The airlines sector seems to have engaged in serious price war and offering lucrative deals for customers.

The airlines sector seems to have engaged in serious price war and offering lucrative deals for customers. For instance SpiceJet has offered SpiceMax seats for frequent travelers to get more comfortable seating and leg-room space.

Similarly, other players are also offering lucrative discounts ahead of the Indian festive splurge beginning Ganesh Chaturthi. Observing such lucrative deals, many have already set the dates and begun planning about their next trip. However, don’t forget to get the most important travel essential which is getting a travel insurance plan.

Be it any place don’t forget to get travel insurance if you’re a frequent traveler or travelling for long time-

Many people tend to ignore travel plans unless you’re travelling to US or UK where it’s mandatory to possess one. However, experts strictly recommend travelers to travel with a suitable travel plan. It’s because by paying little thousand rupees you get coverage for all medical emergencies and risks like baggage loss, passport loss, accidents, political risks and catastrophic evacuations.

How to select a particular scheme?

There are various travel plans which are available in the market. However, you should be able to select the one which suits your needs.

Some useful suggestions are as follows-

  • Single-trip plans are suitable for short trips
  • Multi-trip yearly plans are suitable for frequent-flyers
  • There are also special plans available to meet the needs of particular sector of population like students. Students can get special travel packages at lucrative rates for education overseas & other purposes.
  • Senior citizens can avail special travel policies convenient for long durations for visit their children & other relatives.

Remember- The rate of your premium depends on the travel insurance type purchased.

Be prudent about the sum insured value-

Sum insured is an important term when talking about travel insurance. This value will decide the effectiveness of particular plan.

In order to decide the sum insured, consider the rates of medical services of the country you’re travelling to. For instance, one can get higher sum assured travel plans to go to destinations like US. On the other hand, a smaller travel health insurance cover for destinations like Sri Lanka is suitable.

Remember- Higher sum assured policies demand higher premiums.

Some attractive add-on features

  • For adventure tours unlike leisure holidays it’s advisable get a special add-on cover for related chances of accidents.
  • Also if you’re going for a long-time away from home, you might like to consider a home insurance add-on which will cover your house against any kind of damages.

Ensure following key things are present-

  • An insurance policy renders useless if it does not pay your claims on time as well as does not help you when you’re most in need.
  • Also ensure there is 24X7 emergency assistance and toll free help line.
  • Easy claims process
  • Easier payment modes along with responsive hospital networks

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