Wedgwood Website Workshops for January!

Wedgwood Tech PD Offerings: January 2015

Now that we have some laptops in the building and PARCC is very much on the horizon, I wanted to offer some optional tech training for some great web tools that you may want to use with your classes. My plan for January is to teach four new tools, but to offer them more than once and on varying days so that everyone has a chance to choose a time or day that is convenient. Additionally, if you want to come to both sessions on the same topic, you’ll have extra opportunity to practice and learn the tool in a supported setting.

The tools that I’m presenting this month are HIGHLY engaging, fun, free, and pretty easy to learn. I’m really excited to share them, and I hope you can stop by to add a few new tools to your tech toolbox!

About the sessions: Offered 3:30-4:30; feel free to leave early

Kahoot – (All grades, but laptops are needed. This doesn’t work well in the computer lab.) An absolutely FUN tool to make your content game-based and very engaging! You create a Kahoot by adding your own questions and up to four multiple choice answers. You set a timer for how long you want students to have to answer each question. When the Kahoot is ready, the teacher runs it out of his/her computer, but the students are given an access code to enter their part of the game – so all they see is an answer choice screen. While teacher questions appear on the front board, students rush to find and submit their answers by choosing one of the colored squares on their answer screens. Points are awarded for quicker responses. This is SO FUN! I have a sample one created, so come play with us and we’ll brainstorm some other things you can do with this awesome tool!

EdPuzzle – (All grades) My favorite new web tool! EdPuzzle lets you use any online video, crop it to just the section you want, and insert ‘stops’ along the way that have your own voice comments, text comments, or even questions for the students to answer (multiple choice, open ended) as they watch the video! It focuses student attention, forces students to watch content critically, and can even be used for test/quiz grades. This tool is absolutely brilliant! You’ll have to see it to believe it, and you’ll want to make your own ASAP.

Blendspace(all grades) Blendspace lets you create online multimedia units. You literally can put everything you want your students to learn about a topic on this one site, show them how to use it, stand back, and let self-paced and self-directed learning take place. You create the content by (VERY SIMPLY) importing photos, diagrams, videos, games, websites, interactive activities, etc. and you can even create/embed a final quiz that goes along with all of the material you curate. You become the facilitator and are available to assist those students who truly need it or offer enrichment to students who are ready to go further.

Thinglink: (all grades) This works almost like Blendspace, but it’s probably even easier. You choose an image and basically put little dots (hyperlinks) on your image that link out to related things you want your students to explore. I made one for a 3rd grade astronomy unit, for instance…come and see how this uber-simple and fun web tool works ~ and create your own. Hey grade levels, why not get together and create these together so that you’re all sharing the exact same content and doing a fraction of the work!

GoNoodle (grades T1-3)  This site basically has short video "brain breaks", where students can get up and wiggle to silly little songs for a short period of time.  You choose the videos from this site, can save your favorites to use over & over again, and play these little movement clips whenever your students just need to get moving.  I wrote a blog post about this here.  

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