The Heart

Essential Questions

What are the structures that make up the human heart and how are they organized?
How do the heart and lungs work together to pick up and deliver oxygen to the cells?
What is the pathway that blood takes as it passes through the heart?
What is the function of valves in the heart?How does the structure of arteries and veins relate to their functions?
In what ways can technology be used to collect and analyze cardiovascular data?
Why is it important to monitor the rate at which the heart beats?
What factors can influence heart rate?What is blood pressure?
How do systolic and diastolic blood pressure values relate to the movement of blood in arteries?
What factors can influence blood pressure?
What is an EKG?How can an EKG be used in the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease?
What is cholesterol?
What roles does cholesterol play in our cells and in the body?
What are LDL and HDL?
How are LDL, HDL, and cholesterol related to heart disease?
How do doctors interpret the results of a cholesterol test?
What is familial hypercholesterolemia and how is it inherited?
How can techniques of molecular biology be used to analyze DNA for the presence of the FH mutation?What lifestyle changes may help a patient obtain healthy cholesterol levels?
What are the pros and cons of using cholesterol lowering medications?
How does the heart work as a pump?
What is atherosclerosis?
How can cholesterol plaques affect the overall function of the heart?
What is heart disease?What happens inside the heart to cause a heart attack?
How do doctors treat a blocked blood vessel?
What are risk factors for the development of heart disease?
How can a person decrease his or her risk of heart disease?
What is metabolic syndrome?

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