My Story

From left to right: Noah (15), Claudia(18), Me (17)

My parents were divorced when I was in fifth grade because my dad cheated on my mom throughout our childhood and marriage counceling could not save their marriage. From that point on, my siblings and I would need to pack and travel from house to house every two days; I was living out of a suitcase. Life did not get any easier after fifth grade. My mother jumped in and out of many unstable relationships, causing her to be unstable and frankly a poor parent. She began to do drugs like cocaine and marijuana. It took her a while to get her life together, but she finally did in the past two years. She got married and for the first time in my life, she gave me a curfew and rules to abide by. Most teenagers would not be excited about this, but I am because she is becoming a more responsible parent. In these times of instability, I needed an anchor, so I turned to hobbies and sports. I began to play soccer and softball, I started to paint, draw, and teach myself how to play the piano. I distracted myself from the drama my parents continued to cause, and my siblings and I united and became closer. Today, I can most definitely admit that my brother is one of my best friends. When it comes to God, faith, and the after life, I am different than most. I am not atheist, but I do not believe in God; I have my own faith/religion, in which I believe in, but that's a topic for another day. When it comes to afterlife, I don't believe in it; I think it is just darkness and nothingness. When asked what I like and dislike about myself, I had to stop and think for a little bit. I like how I am crazy, like I do not think before I act, but at the samee time, it is an curse; it gets me in trouble sometimes. I dislikehow reckless I am sometimes. I like how iam easy to get along with because I consider myself social. I disliked how i judge a lot and how I am very selfish. My biggest fear is the ocean, just the unknowingness of it all, everything can see you, but you cannot see it.

Me and my mom

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