My Rockin' Summer

I completed a 23 mile bike ride from White Haven to Jim Thorpe in the beginning of my summer with my wonderful long term boyfriend, JT. This was the second time in the past two years we have done this, and we are hoping to go at least one more time before the weather gets bad this year.

JT's younger brother, Michael

This photo was taken from the day JT, his mom, and myself took his younger autistic brother Michael to Hillside Farms with the rest of his class to go see the animlas for their last day of school before break. The teachers had given them all a scavenger hunt of things they helped with at the farm through the school year, and it was great having him show us the turkey coop he and his peers all built together and many of the other projects they completed.

This  photo was from a for fun photo shoot day. My friend in the photo, Jenny, and myself are both photographers. However, she only does it as a hobby while I've bridged over to professional photographer at this point which leads me to...

It was incredibly exciting to finally have a website up and running. I have my own official email, phone number and everything. I've also already had a few clients, and I have another that I will be setting up their session within the next week. In addition to creating my own website, the girl in the photo above asked me if I would like to create a co-owned Etsy page to sell jewelry. To that, I said yes. I was able to make some stuff, and photograph our products. She helps in any way she can ,and together, we get to bounce great ideas off each other.

First Day of School Photo

Also, after waiting for many, many years, I finally got my hair dyed to my favorite color. It was blue before, but It wasn't done by a professional, so this year it finally came out right. I know it seems a little out there, but I'm hoping to change the way people look at dyed hair. I want to show a generation that you can be professional, never do drugs, and intelligent while still feeling yourself without fear of criticism.

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