Heaven is For Real

Heaven is For Real is about a 4 year old named Colton, 10 years ago Colton ,14, had apendicitis while undergoing surgery Colton had went to Heaven and came back. Not dying but just hos spirit. Coltom later mention his trip to Heaven with his family a couple days later after the operation. Coltons parents Sonja and Todd Burpo dodnt know how to respond after learning that Colton had known things they never told him like how his father was raging at God and at the other end of the hospital he could see his mom talking on the phone and crying at the same time. And things like finding out about "Pop's" Todds grandfather and the miscarriage they knew that this was serious. 3 yeats ago Todd Burpo teamed up with Lynn Vincent and together they wrote Coltons story. Then came the movie which was co-produced by Pastor T.D Jakes. Ever since Colton's visit to Heaven, Todd has written more books. Such as Heaven is for Real Kids and Heaven Changes Everything.

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