My life Journey

so far

My Older Sister

My older sister has been my best friend for my whole life. We are very close to each other and we have a relationship unlike most siblings. Her and I really never have fights, and we can talk to each other about anything. I wouldn't trade her for anything in the world.

Being with my Family

I have a very large family and just to give you an idea of how big it is, I haven't met half my family. I am thankful for the family I have met and all the fun things we do together. The things that I like to do the most with my family is going camping and going out to the beach for the day. My family has helped me through a lot so far and are my number one support system.

My Grandpa and Uncle

In this third picture my grandpa and uncle have taught me things that are very important. My uncle has taken over the duty after my grandpa passed away a couple years ago. My uncle has helped me keep my head straight and kept me focused on my athletics and academics. He is one of my biggest role models in life.

Summer of  2014

In the fourth picture it is a picture of my at the plate ready to hit the ball.  Baseball has brought some very good memories in my life. I have met a lot of people throughout the years and they have turned into friends. Over summer this last year has been the best year so far, we had fun everywhere we went. Baseball has been a big part of my life in these last 11 years.

My Best friend

In the fifth picture it is of me in San Francisco for my best friends birthday. My best friend is in the middle of the picture and she has been my friend for about six years now. She has always been there to talk to is and is very supportive. I hope that she stays my friend for my whole life.

My Mentor/ Friend

In the last picture it is of me with my pitching coach and coach for varsity at Newman. He has known me from my younger years of baseball till now and playing JV for Newman. He has helped me develop as not only a baseball player but as a person. He has taught me a lot about baseball and has taught me how be a better person.

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