Civil War Journal

By: Florena Budwin

                                               Journal Entry #1                       

                                                                                                   April 12, 1862


My name is Florena Budwin. I am 24 years of age. I am from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I am a civil war soldier in the Union side. I have enlisted in the Civil war with my fiance in order for me to stay with him. I have no kids but I have always wanted kids but with all these complications with being the only Women Soldier in the War but the only one who has enlisted has avoided me to do so. My fiance has told me many times to not join the army, that I would regret it someday. But no other thing has made me happier than being with my fiance and fighting for our nation.

Journal entry #2


WS: Hey possum, I have been through the mill today, you?

CL: Im hard knocked by a jailbird with hornets

WS: I dont care, Im played out, shut up and eat your gloobers.

CL: You’re such a kid glove boy

WS: Dont even talk to me you fresh fish, you are no longer my possum.

CL: You need to chill and go take a quick-step

WS: Hey, its not my fault i’m not fresh as a fiddle, you’re gonna get whipped.

CL: Are you tight?

WS: I never drink tar water liar.

CL: You need to skedaddle and get snug as a bug at home. Bye

WS: im done with you.

                                                                Journal Entry #3                                                                                                                                                                                     

                                                                                                     July 6th, 1863

Dear Mother,

We have just ended a battle and we are at our new camp ground now. It hasn't been all fun and games lately, all we do around here is just do drills and drills all day long non-stop. Many soldiers are heading home by now, their 3 months are over, but I have decided to reenlist with my fiance. I don't want to even spend one minute with out him. A new general has been elected and has given us new rules. I have seen a man who was caught stealing from one of our fellow soldiers and had gotten his head shaved and now he has to march off camp site with a board saying THIEF in big bold letters. I can't imagine all the other cruel punishments for simple mistakes that soldiers make. When we don;t have to do drills all day long, soldiers usually have chores. Some chores are cleaning our tents, building pathways of pine logs, tending horses, repairing equipment, and gathering firewood. Hope to see you soon.


Your Daughter

This is a picture of soldiers on campsite doing drills.


                                                                    Journal Entry #4

-Jeremiah when you chose to fight for the Union, what caused you to make that choice.

- What I'm happy about is that even though I didn't have my parents anymore, they still provided me help even though they have passed away.

- The thing that I wished that was different is if my mother was my parents were alive again. I could really use their advice of what to do. And I wish I wasn't a slave.

- Jeremiah what made you join the Union army? And why go back to your brother?

                                                                     Journal Entry # 5

                                                                                                                                July 16, 1863

Dearest Friend,

How are you possum? Here at campsite during war isn't all fun and games. We have lots of things to do around here. We soldiers are nothing but slaves sometimes treated even worse than slaves.  Most of the time we are starving during camp but we have managed to control the hunger. But when there is food its usually beef, pork, vegetables such as onions, turnips, carrots and beets. Usually when the meat gets to our campsite its usually gone bad, but from keeping it from going bad is frequently prickle the meat in a briny salt water solution. This usually makes the beef salty which we constantly soak it in water to get the salt out. Not such a great meal.


Your Possum.

                                                               Photo Prompt


The Battle of Spotsylvania Court House, sometimes simply

referred to as the Battle of Spotsylvania

Journal Entry #6

The hours sad I left my dear

Whose sighs and tears when i'm on my way

I thought her heart was breaking

In hurried words I say the best

I breathed the words that come my way

And to my heart in anguish pressed

The girl I left behind me

Then to the east we go our own way

To win a name in our story

The place in my sight

When they assigned me

I shared the glory of that fight

Sweet girl I left behind me

But then come the day

In which we had no sharing

But now our soldiers won

Singing worthy of our size each son

Sweet girl I left behind me

The hope of final victory

Within my burning

Is wondering thoughts through me

And of my wonderful returning

Still with the love that blinds me

The girl I left behind me

Photo Prompt


Journal Entry #7

                                                                                                       July 25,1863

Dear Mother,

Being in the army has not been easy as I imagined. Not that its hard or anything but all the cruel diseases and wounds many of my fellow people have had. Many soldiers have died because of diarrhea. Incredible isn't it. I wouldn't think diarrhea would have been the reason of many deaths but its because of no hydration. Soldiers have died also by starvation because we have been running out of food. Too many bellies to fill, I reckon. Once a soldier  relieves from a illness or disease comes up with a new one but causing them to certain death. Fortunately my fiance and I are all right we are tough enough to live through this.


Your loving daughter Florena

Journal Entry #8

                                                                                                                          April 10th, 1985

Dear Mother,

The war has just ended and i'm very relieve. I just don't know if I can take it going back home to live with you. Knowing the pain I have caused you gives me no joy. Even though you might be alright with that but i'm certainly not. Also I don't know if I can still live with you knowing that you wont understand me as much as you used to for what I've been through. Only my fiance does. I have decided to move in with him. I know you might not understand now but its for the better.

Love you always,


Family reunited after war.

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