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The University of California, Berkeley was created from the years of 1866 and 1869. By 1869 UC Berkeley was composed of ten faculty members and about forty students. UC Berkeley is the oldest institution in the UC system and is named after the Anglo-Irish philosopher George Berkeley who created the theory of "immaterialism".

In fall 2014, enrollment was 37,581 (10,455 graduate and 27,126 undergraduate students). UC Berkeley is ranked No. 1 in the latest U.S. News & World Report rankings of public national universities, claiming the top position for the 17th straight year.

The UC Berkeley campus is composed of buildings in the Victorian Second-Empire Style. The campus looks over San Francisco bay and Mount Tamalpais.

One of UC Berkeley's notable features are their history and contributions worldwide. UC Berkeley has contributed to many discoveries from Vitamin E and K as well as the creation and development of the Atomic Bomb.

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Admission Requirements

Admission Data (2014):

Percent of Applicants Admitted: 18.1%

Students admitted to UC Berkeley tend to have a GPA of 3.5 or higher, an ACT composite score above 23 and a combined  SAT score of 1700 or higher

Tuition and Cost

Student Life: RRR Week

In 1961 the students requested that the week before final exams become “Dead Week,” which we now refer to as Reading, Review and Recitation week. Quizzes, projects and activities are not scheduled to allow time to study and prepare for exams.

Job Description

Mechanical engineering is the discipline that applies the principles of engineering, physics, and materials science for the design, analysis, manufacturing, and maintenance of mechanical systems

There is no certain type of job for Mechanical Engineers. Most Mechanical Engineers can work from small component designs to large machinery or vehicles. There is a wide range of employment opportunities including manufacture, power, construction, and medicine.

The salary a Mechanical Engineer makes is around $80,580. One of the top paying states is Texas. The annual wage in Texas is around $92,480.

The educational requirement for a Mechanical Engineer is to have a Bachelor's Degree in mechanical engineering and a Professional Engineering License.

    Degree Plan: Mechanical Engineering

    All institutional courses appearing in this area count towards the major GPA with a minimum requirement of 2.0

    All courses listed below are required:

    MECH 1305 | MECH 1321 | MECH 2131 | MECH 2311 | MECH 2322 | MECH 2331 | MECH 2340 | MECH 2342 | MECH 2351 | MECH 3312 | MECH 3313 |MECH 3314 | MECH 3323 | MECH 3334 | MECH 3345 | MECH 3352 | MECH 4315 |MECH 4316 | MECH 4326 | MECH 4336 | MECH 4346 |

    Cover Letter for a Mechanical Engineering Position

    Victor Jimenez

    Automotive Industry

    San Carlos, California

    May 25, 2015

    Good Evening, Victor,

    I am applying for the position in Mechanical Engineering in Tesla Motors, Inc. I specialize in design and drafting of products using CAD as my primary form of model drawing and structuring.

    As mentioned, I have a Bachelor's in Design and Drafting Engineering. Throughout the years I have helped my family by designing and selling house fences. I use AutoCad 2014 to measure and design fences. I have designed over 50 fences which has allowed me to create a secondary job during the summer specializing in selling fences. Secondly, I have designed and welded pool slides for local pools and even large pool companies. The process of creating pool slides is composed of making the drawing in AutoCad then buying the metals, using them to measure, curve and weld them to create the infrastructure of them. I have gained design knowledge that not many college graduates have. I also have experience on the field of Engineering.

    I have noticed Mechanical Design Engineers are needed in Tesla Motors Inc. I am a good candidate for the company because of my ability to handle challenges, creations, and even innovate. I am ready to collaborate with electrical engineers in order to be able to control the flow of electrons from car parts like a car battery to a motor.

    Thank you for your consideration and possible job acceptance.

    Hector Muniz

    1234 Sesame St.



    Letter of Recommendation

    To All it May Concern:

    It is with no bias or prejudice that I give my full recommendation to Hector Muniz, as he is an excellent student who would be accel at his position as a mechanical engineer at Tesla. He is kind, resourceful, and a great worker. No matter what situation he is put in, Hector always finds a way to fix it and get out.

    One of Hector’s many great attributes is his ingenious approaches to problems. For instance, Hector once had a research paper due in an hour. He was adding the finishing touches, but unfortunately, he lost many pages as his hard drive failed. After numerous failed attempts at recovering the hard drive, he took it out and inserted it into another computer and found the file. It was partly corrupted, but he could read enough of it. Hector copied the 10 page report in under an hour, and submitted the paper, where he got an A. Instead of giving up, he used his intelligence under pressure, where most fail.

    Hector’s skills at everything from communication to programming make him stand out as one of the few people who love to help others to get a job done. Adding Hector to your team will definitely improve the job quality and efficiency at Tesla. While I cannot describe everything that Hector has to offer in a small letter, you may contact me at or (915)-268-4703.


    Pablo Perel


    El Dorado 9th Grade Academy

    El Paso, TX 79938

    Tel: (915) 268-4703



    Hector Muniz

    1234 AnAddress

    (915) 123-4567

    OBJECTIVE Obtaining a Mechanical Engineering position with tesla Motors, Inc. that allows me to gain experience and grow as a professional. Getting this job will allow me to utilize my passion for using mathematics and science in a professional work experience.

    CERTIFICATION Certified Manufacturing Engineer (CMfgE) Certification

    EDUCATION University of California, Berkeley

    Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering; Expected May 2015

    HONORS Anticipated Graduating GPA: 3.85 / 4.0


    • Volunteer, Visteon Corporation, Ciudad Juárez Mexico January 2015- May 2015
    • Met and helped real-life Engineers
    • Helped company meet goals and procedures
    • Helped enforce safety among workers.
    • Manufactured car parts
    • Helped reduce costs


    Invented a wind-powered phone charger, excellent for bikes or cars. March 2017

    Volunteer, Dish Network, El Paso Texas   August 2016


    • Enthusiastic in solving problems
    • Trilingual- Fluent in Spanish, English, and French
    • Strong in the IT department
    • Proficient with any Microsoft or Adobe Program
    • Thorough Proficiency with Solidworks, AutoCad 2014 and older
    • Eager to participate in any extracurricular activities or projects

    Persuasive Essay

    As Dan Rather once said “A college degree is the key to realizing the American dream, well worth the financial sacrifice because it is supposed to open the door to a world of opportunity.” Today attending college is more important than ever. Having a college degree is crucial in order to obtain the American dream. In order for me to achieve the most of the American dream is by attending the University of California, Berkeley. The University of California, Berkeley is the best university to obtain a degree in Mechanical Engineering. I deserve to attend UC Berkeley to study Mechanical Engineering because of my enjoyment in mathematics and science and because of my passion for the job.

    . Ever since I was a kid I would enjoy learning and using math that I would enroll in many extracurricular activities involving math and science. During Middle School, I got Top Student in all my math classes all 4 consecutive years. Mechanical Engineering has always been my dream job because of my interest in using math, engineering, physics, and materials science design for the design, analysis, and maintenance of mechanical systems.

    I have a passion for Mechanical Engineering. The reason of my passion is because of the possibilities an engineer can do such as design a new car, maybe design new modern technology such as the Google Glass or even help in power management. Engineers are the future that get many benefits and great salaries too.

    Overall, From satellites to wind turbines, Mechanical Engineers help make any type of project. I deserve a job like Mechanical Engineering because of my interest in math and science as well as my love for the principles and layout of a Mechanical engineer’s lifestyle and project- making strategies.

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