Chile earthquake

major earthquakes, Benson Oct 16,13

this earthquake killed 1655. It injured 3000, 2,000,000 homeless. 550 million dollars in damages. Tsunami had 61 deaths. They had 75 million dollars in damage 138 death. Japan had 50 million dollars in damage. There was 32 dead or missingmin the Philippines. And 500,000 damages in the west coast of the United States. Shaking occurred in the valdivia-puerto Monttorea. Puerto saavedra was completely destoryed by waves, the heights of it is 11.5m (38ft), 3km (2mi). Waves heights of 8m (26ft) caused much damaged at corral. Tsunamis run up height reached 10.6m (35ft). waves a high as 5.5m (1,8ft) struck northern honshu about 1 day after the quake. It destroyed more than 1600 homes and left 185 peopel dead or missing. Another 32 people were dead or missing in Philippines after tsunami hit. One to 1.5m (3-5ft) of subsidence occurred along the Chilean coast. As much of 3m (10ft) of uplift occurred on Isia Guafa. Many landslides occurred in Chileanlake district.

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